THERA™ is a comprehensive solution for hypersensitive and compromised skin intended for use in critical care or home settings.

Each product in the THERA™ Advanced Skin Care line is enriched with an all-in-one proprietary blend of vitamins called SAFFLEX™. This vitamin compound provides skin benefits as a protector, fortifier, energizer, moisturizer, stabilizer and invigorator.

  • VITAMIN E ACETATE (The Protector) – Moisturizes the skin with repeated applications
  • VITAMIN C (The Fortifier) – Needed for a healthy body and youthful-looking skin
  • VITAMIN B3 (The Energizer) – Helps moisturize skin
  • VITAMIN B5 (The Moisturizer) – Helps soothe minor skin irritations
  • VITAMIN B6 (The Stabilizer) – Essential for healthy skin
  • SAFFLOWER SEED OIL & GINGER ROOT EXTRACT (The Invigorator) – Provides a rejuvenated appearance, especially for dry skin

THERA™ Advanced Skin Care therapy’s specially-selected group of eight products works synergistically in a five-action system that soothes, treats, moisturizes, nourishes and protects. THERA™ Advanced Skin Care therapy has been specially formulated for people with skin issues, skin irritation, diaper rash and dry, cracked skin.

The entire THERA™ line of products interact synergistically to cleanse, moisturize, protect and treat the skin.

The THERA™ product line includes:

Clinical Benefits of Using THERA™ Skin Care Products

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