Electrodes & Lead Wires for TENS

Back Electrode
White foam; covers a large surface for treating low back pain. Multi-use up to 15 days.
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BioDerm System Electrode
Self adhesive black carbon electrodes for use with all Biomedical Life Systems products. Repeated applications of up to one week. Pin connection. 1 1/2" x 1 1/2".
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BioStim PigTail Electrodes
The Pre-Wired Electrodes offer extreme flexibility. Designed to last two weeks or more, the adhesive is durable while being non-irritating. The pre-wired socket system permits easy lead wire connections when the electrode is applied to those "hard to reach" areas such as the upper and lower back. 2", Square. Latex-free.
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Disposable, pre-gelled electrodes are compatible with all Biomedical Life Systems devices: best suited for TENS, STIMs, INF+, MICRO+, and HVPS devices. Pin connection, latex-free. 2 1/4" x 2 1/2". Rectangular. Latex-free.
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First Choice 2000™ Economical Cloth Stimulating Electrodes
Reusable, self-adhering electrodes with moderately aggressive hydrogel; effective in high heat and humidity. Highly conductive carbon film for even current distribution. White spun lace top coat with soft molded socket connector. Multiple uses: 7-14 days.
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Lead Wires
Pin connection lead wires for use with the BIOMED2000. 48" with a touch-proof device connection.
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36" safety pin lead wire.
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Low Back Strip
White foam strips designed for the lumbosacral area. Self-adhering and hypoallergenic. Multi-use up to 15 days.
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Lumiscope Lead Wires
Lumiscope Lead Wires for Electrotherapy. 2/Pack.
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Multi-Day® Stimulating Electrodes
Single application electrodes constructed of Tantone® breathable cloth with solid gel center. May be worn for 2-5 days.
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Pre-Gelled Carbon Stimulating Electrodes
Reusable, self-adhering, flexible carbon electrodes are pre-gelled with aggressive gel. Multi-use up to 10 days.
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Red Dot Electrodes
RED DOT Resting EKG Electrodes, Snap Style. Foam backing that is stretchable, comfortable and gentle to skin. For 12 lead EKG resting diagnostic procedures. Especially designed for use in Resting ECGs. Silver/silver chloride sensing system provides stable, reliable ECG signals. Large, solid conductive adhesive gel area. Superior adhesion to maintain skin contact and still be repositioned.
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Re-Ply® Electrodes
Reusable, solid gel electrodes for TENS/NMES/FES are easy to apply and reposition. Feature low-profile connection and are constructed of flexible, durable materials for easy handling and conformability. Can be used with most treatment sites for multiple applications from 10 - 15 days. Simple to use and store in the provided liner, and can be stored on either side as both sides are gel-friendly. Features:
  • Reusable
  • Solid Gel
  • Easy to Apply and Reposition
  • Low Profile Connection
  • Multiple Applications from 10 - 15 Days
  • Easy to Store
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StarBurst® Reusable Stimulating Electrodes
The StarBurst® electrode incorporates a patented multi-layer gradient pattern providing the most advanced current distribution system available. This unique gradient pattern is made of pure silver, known as a superior conductive material and optimal for stimulating electrodes. StarBurst electrodes feature an exclusive hypoallergenic hydrogel with pure aloe vera. The thick hydrogel layer provides superior adherence even after multiple uses. A tinted double-coated liner makes storage easy as electrodes can be returned to either side. Multiple uses: 10-14 days.
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Superior Silver® Electrodes
Stimulating pigtail pin electrodes for TENS/NMES/FES provide superior patient comfort and conductivity. Feature a unique construction consisting of a double layer of skin-friendly PolyHesive® blue gel over flexible white foam. Blue gel provides superior adherence and reusability and can be applied to sensitive skin. Also feature a conductive silver layer that provides uniform distribution and comfortable stimulation. Can be applied multiple times for up to 14 days, and remove cleanly with no painful hair pulls and leave no messy residue. Packaged in resealable pouch. Features:
  • Reusable
  • Pigtail Pin
  • For Sensitive Skin
  • Superior Conductivity
  • Comfortable Stimulation
  • Remove Cleanly
  • Multiple Applications up to 14 Days
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Tricot Stimulating Electrode Pregelled
  • Uni-Patch Tan Tricot Stimulating Electrode with Skin Friendly Gel is aself-adhering and reusable, stimulating electrode for TENS/NMES/FES. Provides superior adherence and high moisture content to enhance conductivity, while also offering easy removal with little or no skin irritation.
  • Self-adhering, pregelled carbon electrodes
  • Latex-free
  • Provides good adhesion to stressed application sites.
  • Multiple application from 7-10 days.
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