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Athlete's Foot Spray
Good Sense Athlete's Foot Spray cures and prevents most athlete's foot. Compare to Tinactin.
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IVA® Seals for Bottles and Vials
Sterile seals protect point of entry of IV admixtures from contamination and accidental double dosing. Packaging is USP 797 compliant. Liner, dispenser and core are non-linting and can easily be wiped down. They have a dual warning system in which seals self-destruct upon attempted removal, and needle punctures are highly visible in laminated foil. Unused medication may be returned and reissued with confidence if IVA® seals are intact, thereby reducing waste. Several bright colors make it easy to establish highly visible protocols. Latex-free. PVC-free. Features:
  • Sterile
  • Protect from Double Dosing
  • USP 797 Compliant
  • Self-Destruct Upon Attempted Removal
  • Needle Punctures are Highly Visible
  • Bright Colors
  • Latex- and PVC-free
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Motion Sickness
Good Sense Motion Sickness. 12 Count. Compare to Dramamine®.
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Nasal Spray
Good Sense Nasal Spray, 1oz, contains Oxymetazoline Hydrochloride 0.05% and provides 12 hour relief. No-drip nasal spray won't drip from the nose or down the throat. Fast, powerful congestion relief. Compare to the active ingredient in Afrin® No Drip Original.
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Sugar-free Black Cherry Cough Drops
Good Sense Sugar Free Black Cherry Cough Drops 25 count. Compare to Halls.
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