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Gravity IV Administration Sets with ULTRASITE® Injection Sites
ULTRASITE® Valve Needle-free system. (15 drops / ml) Universal spike, integrated free-flow protector / slide clamp, ULTRASITE® valve injection site 6" above distal end, roller clamp, SPIN-LOCK® connector. Priming Volume: 20 ml. Length: 111" (282 cm). Latex-free. DEHP-free.
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Medication Cassette Reservoir with clamp and female luer - 100mL
Must be used with CADD® Extension Set. Tubing lengths are measured from output tubing. All tubing sets are latex-free. Use for Rates Up To 125mL/hr, Priming Volume Output = 0.2ml, Tubing Length = 8", Plasticizer = DEHP
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Sterile SIMS Tubing connector/irrigation nozzle
Cardinal Health Pharmaseal® Tubing Connector, Sims Connector/Irrigation Nozzle, Autoclavable Plastic tubing connector
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