Discreet and comfortable management of male urinary incontinence

The Afex Male Urinary Incontinence system aids in the management of moderate to severe urinary leakage often associated with prostatectomy, or general long term incontinence. This revolutionary system keeps bed linens, clothing and your skin dry and odor free without cumbersome diapers.

All Afex kits arrive with everything you need for immediate and most importantly, reliable incontinence protection. We created several kits for men in wheelchairs or active users, and a night time system to allow you the ability to customize the Afex Incontinence System to fit your lifestyle.

The briefs are machine washable and the other components are easy to clean. We offer several sizes of leg /drainage bags and additional briefs so you can have plenty to wash and wear. Don't allow incontinence to control your life, try the Afex Incontinence System today.

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