Vent Circuits

Threshold Resistor Valves ACCU-PEEP™

True threshold resistor valves are available in 5 cm or 7.5 cm H2O settings.
PEEP valves hold pressure consistently independent of flow.
Each PEEP valve comes with Vital Signs' patented safety holes to protect the patient in the event of exhalation valve occlusion.

7.5 CM only available by case quantity
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Adult Single-Limb Portable Universal Ventilator Circuits
Universal Port vent circuit with 1/8" and 1/4" pressure lines, silicone diaphragm. Compatible with Puritan Bennett® 2800. Latex-free.
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Adult Single-Limb Portable Ventilator Circuits
Adult single-limb circuits for use with Life Products LP4™, LP5™, Aequitron LP6™, LP6 Plus™, LP10™, and Lifecare™ PLV®-100 and PLV®-102 ventilators. Includes 6" patient tube and trach elbow adapter, 15mm I.D.; 60" patient air tube; 70" exhalation supply line, 0.137" I.D.; 70" pressure sensing line, 0.200" I.D., and tip adapter; 189" cascade tube and elbow adapter, 22mm I.D., silicone diaphragm.
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Respiratory Circuits
Cpap Circuit 6 W/ Flex Connectors
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Packaging: 10 Each/Case

Medical Bore Tubing: Tubing features a smooth interior which allows for excellent air flow, and 22mm rubber cuffs or integral cuffs. Tubing maintains cross sectional diameter at bends. 6', Cream.
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Respiratory Circuits
Tubing Circuit/6 F/Cpap/Bipap Disposable
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Packaging: 10 Each/Box

6 Ft. Tubing Circuit: BiPap disposable circuit (10 per Packg). For use without humidifier. Includes 6-ft. tubing, exhalation port, 7-ft. Proximal Pressure line with tee, tubing hanger and 2 hose clips.
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