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Afex Active Core Starter kit is a high-performance alternative to full briefs. Offers comfort and better receptacle support for male urinary leakage.
Afex® Active Core Incontinence Kit

The Afex® Active Core Incontinence Kit features everything you will need for daytime incontinence protection. It is designed specifically for the active male who experiences moderate to heavy overactive urine flow due to a prostatectomy or prostate removal.

This Afex Active Core Incontinence Starter Kit offers the same maximum protection as the Afex Management System with one noticeable difference, it includes a high-performance athletic style core supporter. The athletic style core supporter is a more comfortable alternative to the Afex full boxer brief and it:
  • traps less body heat
  • features soft supporting comfort straps
  • offers better receptacle support
  • significantly reduces accidental pop out
Afex Active Core Incontinence Kit includes one:
  • Athletic Style Core Supporter
  • Afex 500 ml Standard Collection Bag
  • High Style Receptacle (recommended)
  • Trial Size Afex Cleanser - 4 ounce bottle
  • Afex Cleaning Container
  • Instructions

Afex Active Core Support strap is 96 percent premium combed cotton and four percent Spandex®. It’s machine washable, made in the USA and is available in sizes small to 3X-large.

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Afex Incontinence Management Starter Kit
Afex® Management System for Male Incontinence

Afex® Incontinence Management System offers a discreet and comfortable way for men to management moderate to severe urinary leakage. This innovative alternative to external cathereters, adult diapers and disposable pads comes with everything you will need to get started. 

The Afex Kit includes:
a Boxer Brief, made of 96 percent premium combed cotton
your choice of a High or Low Style Receptacle*
a Collection Bag** (16 oz/500 ml)
a Cleaning Container
a Cleanser Solution (4 oz bottle)

Afex boxer briefs' sizes range from extra small to 6X-Large.  The extra small, 4X-Large to 6X-Large are available by special order only. Call 800.960.0305 to order.  

* Choose Low Style Receptacle for long-term sitting position.
* Choose High Style Receptacle for active daytime use.
** Collections bags are available in your choice of 500ml (16 fluid ounces) or 1000ml ( 32 fluid ounces). Please call to change bag size.

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Afex® Mobility Incontinence Management Kit
Afex® Mobility Incontinence Management Kit


This Afex Management Kit provides urinary leakage protection for male wheelchair users. Afex Mobility Kit gives you control of moderate to heavy urine leakage.  The kit, available with your choice of Basic Boxer Briefs in sizes small to 3XLarge or Open Sided Boxer Briefs, which are easier to put on and take off, in sizes to fit 28 to 38 inch waist or to fit 40 to 50 inch waist. Extra small, 4X-Large to 6X-Large available by special order only. Call 800.960.0305 to order.  
Each kit includes:

1 - Afex Boxer Brief (Basic-size or Open Sided)

1 - Low Style Receptacle (recommended)

1 - Afex Leg Bag (40 ounce – 1200 ml)

1 – Leg Bag Holder (choice of black or white)

1 – Extension Tube Assembly

1 – Extension Tube Stabilizer

1 – Cleaning Container

1 – Cleaning Solution (4 ounce bottle)

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